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algebra investment problems questions

Word Problems: Continuously Compounded Interest - AlgebraLAB

In order to solve problems where interest is compounded continuously, you should: . 7 years, how much will a $2000 investment be worth at the end of 7 years?

Word Problems: college algebra, algebra, simple interest

Word Problems/college algebra. Advertisement. Expert: Scott A Wilson - 12/4/ 2011. Question You plan to invest $40,000 in two funds paying 4.5%and 6% .

Questions on Word Problems: Money, Business and Interest - Algebra

Ad: Algebrator™ solves your algebra problems and provides step-by-step . Question 144644: invest a total of 16,000. part was savings paying 4% the rest was .

Solving Algebra Word Problems (with videos & activities)

A series of free, online Intermediate Algebra Lessons or Algebra II lessons. . how to solve investment word problems; how to solve tax word problems; how to . We welcome your feedback, comments and questions about this site - please .

Algebra Word Problems Practice Questions Set 4 |

Learn how to solve algebra word problems with these practice problems and . Jackie invested money in two different accounts, one of which earned 12% .

Algebra Word Problem...need help!? - Yahoo! Answers

A state employees' pension fund invested a total o… . Algebra Word Problem... need help!? A state . Answer Questions in Mathematics .

Word Problems: Math (Investment problem), algebra

Word Problems/Math (Investment problem). Advertisement. Expert: Scott A Wilson - 9/29/2012. Question A man invested a part of his money at 8% and the rest at .

College Algebra: Solving an Investment Problem | Video Store ...

Problems, questions, feedback? . College Algebra: Solving an Investment Problem . College Algebra: Linear Equation Word Problems 2 (5 videos, $7.92) .

Intermediate Algebra Sample Questions.tst - Sussex County ...

Write an algebraic equation for the problem and solve it. 4) Kevin invested part of his $10,000 bonus in a certificate of deposit that paid 6% annual .

Word problems that lead to simultaneous equations. Examples - A ...

Always let x and y answer the question -- and be perfectly clear about what they represent! Now there are . We must translate each verbal sentence into the language of algebra. Here is the . The total interest on the investment was $2,100.

Solve simple investment problems using the simple interest rate ...

Solve simple investment problems using the simple interest rate method? In: Investing and Financial Markets, Algebra [Edit categories]. Answer: find the interest .

Jiskha Homework Help - ALGEBRA

Mar 30, 2012 . Related Questions. word problem - An investment of $93,000 was made by a business club. the ... Algebra - an investment of 72,000 was made .

Chapter 4 Solving Linear Systems

look for two relationships when reading the questions. A. Number Problems . A particular Algebra text has a total of 1382 pages which is broken up into two . notice that one on the equations consists of the total amount invested, x + y = 1800.

Series: College Algebra: Linear Equation Word Problems 2 | Video ...

These lessons on word problems will cover solving for constant velocity, finding values related to work, solving recipe or mixture problems, solving investment problems, and solving business problems. . Problems, questions, feedback?

Questions on Word Problems: Money, Business and Interest - Algebra

Ad: Algebrator™ solves your algebra problems and provides step-by-step . Question 673716: If $7800 is invested at 5.2% interest compounded monthly, how .

How Do You Solve a More Complicated Interest Problem? -- Virtual ...

Follow along as this tutorial goes through a word problem involving simple interest. . investment;; word problem;; word;; translate;; translate words to algebra .

Continuously Compounded Interest: Formula with examples and ...

Practice Problems. Problem 1) If you invest $1,000 at an annual interest rate of 5 % compounded continuously, calculate the final amount you will have in the .

Chapter 12_Logarithms

In the previous problem, notice that the principal was not given and also notice that the P cancelled. . invested for 5 years how much will be in the account after 5 years? . C. Use the exponential growth/decay model to answer the questions.

Algebra: Application problems, 5000 investment, application problems

Algebra/Application problems. Advertisement. Expert: Bobby Soltani - 9/8/2005. Question 1.A $5000 investment at an annual simple interest rate of 5.2% earned .

Is Algebra Necessary? -

Jul 28, 2012 . My question extends beyond algebra and applies more broadly to the usual . attention to the real problems we are causing by misdirecting precious resources. . Algebraic algorithms underpin animated movies, investment .